Document cleanup & Formatting in one smooth process!

NextGen document tools

for improved drafting

Intelligent automation

improves efficiency & speed

Microsoft Word can do everything, yet most legal professionals’ struggle. DocStyle will consolidate routine functions, allowing firms to standardize how documents are repurposed.

DocStyle Features

  • Format Wizard (Clean & Transform)
  • Document Cleanup Tools
  • Apply Styles Automatically
  • Table Of Contents
  • Insert PDF & Web Paste

  • Numbering Suite
  • Cross Referencing
  • Defined Terms Check
  • Advanced Style Tools
  • PDF to Word Conversion

Document Cleanup
DocStyle buys time! Essential tools, empowering you to repurpose documents quickly. Create clean documents, fix numbering, and make universal changes.

Drafting & Review
All in one solution, designed to simplify the document drafting lifecycle. Style paragraphs automatically, insert cross-references, check for defined terms, and much more.

PDF to Word
PDF conversion designed specifically for legal documents! Our unique process converts, cleans and formats simultaneously so you can start working right away.

NextGen Document Tools

DocStyle primarily focuses on improving the drafting phase of the document lifecycle.

Intelligent Automation

Every feature in the app offers some form of automation, thereby improving efficiency.

Cleanup & Formatting Wizard

The Wizard combines cleanup and formatting, delivering both in one smooth process.

Cross Referencing & Defined Terms

Check for Defined Terms to discover inconsistencies and resolve potential issues.

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$ 588.00 USD

Document cleanup and formatting in one smooth process.


Annual Subscription

DocStyle Compare

$ 149.00 USD

Run redlines on the fly with ready made option sets

DocStyle Compare

Annual Subscription

DocStyle Inspect

$ 49.00 USD

Mitigate data risks in MS Office & PDFs quickly & easily!

DocStyle Inspect