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What is the difference between Standard & Enterprise Licensing?
Standard Edition Customers:
DocStyle provides an entry level experience for customers looking for mostly automated simple processes.  The feature-set within has been tailored to individual users looking to save time and avoid the complexities of PDF conversion and traditional Word Processing.  It provides the ease of use that has made DocStyle popular, along while simultaneously ensuring long-term performance and reliability.When you need additional capabilities it is easy to upgrade to DocStyle Enterprise Edition.

Enterprise Customers:
Enterprise licensing is all inclusive; these customers do not have any feature or compatibility restrictions.  If you are interested in converting Standard Edition to Enterprise, or inquiring about this type of licensing arrangement for your business, please fill out our Contact Us page.  One of our solution experts will contact you shortly to discuss the advantages of global site licensing.                    
Will DocStyle store or use my personal information?
Our staff will never handle credit card information directly. If you want to delete your payment credentials, stop storing information using Stripe checkout, or change your settings, you can send an email to The PDF files and Word documents our customers process with DocStyle are never saved by the application.  If you choose to utilize the Google OCR functionality within DocStyle, these PDF files are sent to Google, processed and deleted. Contact our support staff anytime for details on Google’s SLA & disposition process for content run thorough their cloud engine.                    
Does DocStyle OCR PDF files?
Optical Character Recognition (OCR for short) is a technique that converts digital images of text into machine-readable data. DocStyle includes a text only extractor with every purchase. Since this is text extraction and not full OCR, formatting information such as Bold, Italic and Underline will not carry over to the new Word document. DocStyle will perform OCR on demand in order to turn Image-based PDF’s into searchable files with text overlay.  Accuracy is the key to DocStyle’s ability to properly identify content, therefore we partnered with Google as they offer a solution that improves with every page. The Google Cloud OCR engine takes incredibly complex machine learning models centered around image recognition and delivers highly accurate content for the purposes of producing a searchable document. For this reason above all, it was critical to obtain highly accurate content rather than formatting, which can be easily replaced.                    
How does billing work?
In order to standardize the quality of our output and accept the majority of PDF files (True, Searchable and Image) we partnered with Google to include their Text Extraction API for the purposes of producing a searchable result.

- True PDF’s do not require any OCR processing, as they are inclusive of all text and formatting content required to convert and style a document properly.
- In the case of a Searchable PDF, end users can elect to have DocStyle send the PDF file to Google and receive back text we get from their OCR Text Extractor.  We marry the text up with the formatting found within the original OCR to produce a cleaner and more consistent conversion.  This result will include all text and formatting content required to convert.  Since we are utilizing the second best type of PDF file to work with, the quality of the content will degrade slightly.  Some minor OCR related interpretive errors are to be expected.
- Regarding Image-based PDF’s, these types of files contain the least amount of information.  There are several factors that will affect this process, quality of the scan, the Google OCR interpretation of the content, etc.  What we receive back from Google does not include formatting content, which we use when determining positioning of the text and formatting such as bold, italic and underline.

When enabled, this enhancement produces a more accurate and consistent output for the IFR engine, to better interpret formatting information.  We will continue making improvements to the interpretive logic and improve the quality of text we receive from Google in order to produce a more visually consistent result.                    
How can I pay for this amazing service?
We currently support Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, using Stripe for payment processing through our website.

Enterprise license requests will be invoiced and these customers can choose to process automatically with a credit card or arrange for a direct payment method such as EFT or Business Check.

***Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, our offices are closed. Until further notice, we will not be accepting physical checks for payment.***                    

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