Run redlines on the fly with ready made option sets

Simplistic UI design

for improved user experience

Focus on accuracy

engineered for redlining

A light, fast, and accurate comparison solution, supercharging the tools legal professionals already use most. Legal teams use DocStyle Compare for a consistent document review process and increased efficiency.

DocStyle Compare Features

  • Compare Word & PDF Files
  • QuickCompareTM
  • Global & Personal OptionSets
  • Print Pages with Changes
  • Email Documents

  • Magnify Changes
  • Change View
  • Clipboard Compare
  • Right Click Compare
  • DMS Integration

Recapture hours of document review
Traditional document comparison software has become bloated, overcomplicated, and expensive throughout the years. This kind of software will slow production time and increase the likelihood of errors.

DocStyle Compare delivers light, fast, and accurate comparison tools, supercharging the technologies inside Office legal professionals already use most.

Legal organizations use DocStyle Compare to create a consistent document review process and increase document review efficiency across all departments.

Quick Compare
Need comparison results now? Run a redline in record time. Designed specifically to improve the user experience by reducing unnecessary clicks. Instantly return the answers you need to keep work moving with DocStyle Compare’s Quick Compare feature.

Thanks to integrations with the leading document management providers, pull relevant documents together and run comparisons with lightning speed. Which positions your team to expedite the review process and summarize entire sets of documents like never before.

Compare Documents
Complete side-by-side document review occurs natively in Microsoft Word, with additional collaboration features to make team review simple. Print Pages to show Changes throughout a document for hassle-free physical review. Then use Magnify to shed light on a particular set of changes reducing the review process to a specific section of a document.

PDF Compare
Have two PDF files you’d like to compare, we can help! DocStyle Compare includes DocStyle’s powerful conversion engine. Eliminate the need for separate or expensive products, DocStyle Compare can compare PDF and Word files, while remaining inside Microsoft Word where you work. Retrieve and compare PDF documents from multiple sources, including files located within platforms we integrate with. Speaking of which…

Document Management Integrations
DocStyle Compare is integrated with the following Enterprise DMS and Content Management Systems to eliminate additional steps in the document comparison process.
- iManage Work 10
- NetDocuments
- Worldox GX4

Simplistic User Interface Design

Designed specifically to improve the user experience by reducing unnecessary clicks.

Focus on Agility + Accuracy

Engineered and optimized specifically for redlining legal documents.

Ready-made OptionSets

Made to run redlines on the fly. automate the lookup process and compare docs in DMS.

Collaborative Redlining

synchronize author information, allowing attorneys to collab and create new doc versions.

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DocStyle Compare

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Run redlines on the fly with ready made option sets

DocStyle Compare

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