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Video Intros

What's New In 2?

2-minute long feature-focused videos. Learn how DocStyle works and follow along as we provide you with a brief intro.
Check your Word documents for inconsistencies with paragraph numbering or formatting. Run Analyze independently so you can fix issues individually or automate the process through Automatic Styles.
Instruct DocStyle how to precisely apply styles using Style Sets. A brand-new workflow experience, designed to give you more control. Assign your own custom styles to paragraphs and apply numbering, all with the touch of a button.
Check documents for typed cross references, linking them to numbered paragraphs or bookmarks. The only complete solution available that automates complex numbering schemes, heading styles, and Cross Referencing!
Synchronize numbering and styles using Create Outline Scheme. Designing paragraph numbering and styles together instead of independently prevents errors and inconsistencies. Powerful enough for the most advanced Word Processor, simple enough for the rest of us.
Manage Schemes offers a quick way to import, adjust and apply Multilevel Heading Styles to your documents. DocStyle fully automates the complexities of paragraph numbering by consolidating the advanced functionality of Word that’s plagued novice users for decades.
Get a first look at Change Format, a brand new feature inside DocStyle 2.0. Change Format allows you to make universal changes to your Word document. With Change Format we introduce a brand new way to improve document drafting efficiency.